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Academic System

Academic System :

Our academic aim is to educate our students to lend them eloquence in self expression and nurture the erudite in each one.

Transport Facilities :

1: The school provided transport by its own bus and auto rickshaw which serve almost all part of the chunar town and      rural areas.

2: Transport charges depend on the distance.


Examination & Promotion :

1: There will be 4 Formative Assessments and 2 Summative Assessments in an academic session .


2: Promotion of a student to next class will be determined on the basis of his/her yearly performance.

3: Dicision of the Principal,regarding promotion,will be final .

4: A student will not be allowed to sit for any main Examination if his/her fees are in arrears as per schedule of the school, mentioned in fee card or his/her attendance is below 75%.